The Mod Squad

Tuned Handles for the SM57/58

The Shure® SM57 and SM58 have to be 2 of the most iconic microphones ever made. Even though they are relatively inexpensive, many times when price is no object they are the microphone of choice. And yet, some people feel compelled to
modify them. This usually involves baking, boiling or some other medieval form of coercion to remove the original transformer. After installing something else, a similar process is employed to re – pack the handle with who knows what. If this sounds eerily familiar or weirdly interesting, check this out.

Crimson Audio Transformer’s Mod Squad is four different pre – packaged handle options for sonically tweaking an SM57/58. Each installs easily and pushes the sound in different direction. The orange has a larger than stock “EE” style transformer with more intricate interleaving that yields a better bottom end and smoother upper mids. The yellow features a twin coil, hum bucking style transformer that
brings the material forward in the mix – great for cabinets. The white and blue versions are transformer-less, aka complete and total heresy in our world view. Nevertheless, they feature a phantom powered electronics package to replace the gain of the original transformer. The
white is tuned for instrument micing and is killer on drums. The blue is tailored for vocal
applications, really cutting through the mix on a 58, silky smooth on a 57.

If you can solder at all (or know someone who can), installation is a breeze.

1) Unscrew the handle to your mic.
2) Mark or note which color wire goes to which terminal – the new leads are the same colors
3) Clip or de – solder the original leads
4) Attach and solder the new leads
5) Screw on the new handle
6) Hit the record button. And if you ever want to undo your mod…

Not sure you can get through the installation, or want to keep your trusty 57/58 a trusty 57/58? Front End Audio can set you up with a new cartridge to go with your new handle and even arrange installation.