OEM Shop

If your project requires something other than off the shelf, let Crimson make your life easier. There are a lot of variables in transformer design and manufacturing that influence cost and performance. Certain techniques and materials which are absolutely necessary in some instances, can very quickly get into areas of decreasing returns in others. A good OEM design yields all of the required audio performance, but also takes into account “minor” details such as cost, delivery and ease of manufacturing.

Every month, Crimson builds thousands of custom designed transformers for OEM’s across the country. We work closely with our customers engineering staff to develop quality, cost effective transformers. We understand the need for timely prototypes and pilot runs. And our price and delivery will help your purchasing department sleep at night.

If you’re buying 50 or more transformers at time, maybe a custom designed Crimson Audio Transformer is right for you. Our photo gallery can give you some ideas. We can usually make a project sound better, or easier to build, or more profitable, and sometimes, all three.