Ribbon Mic “Pre” Preamp
If you have a ribbon microphone in your audio tool box, then you should have a Mogaine “pre” preamp next to it. Ribbon mics are great, but you’ve probably already found out they have a pretty low output compared to condenser or even dynamic mics. On a quiet source even with the trim set at “10″, you could use some more gain.
The Mogaine preamp is a phantom powered, fixed gain pre amp that delivers 25dB of low distortion, wide bandwidth, ultra quiet gain. It combines the noiseless gain of an input transformer with the impedance matching and drive capability of active circuitry. It allows you to dial back the gain on your mixer/pre amp to it’s happy place, and still capture every delicate nuance. The 3.3kΩ input impedance lets you hear intricacies you’ve been missing. Plug your favorite dynamic mic into it, and get that smooth dynamic mic sound with the sensitivity of a condenser mic.

There are other “pre” preamps, but they don’t deliver the “real world” gain of a Mogaine.  They also have about 10 dB more noise, making the Mogaine both louder and quieter at the same time.  And, with a Mogaine, your mic is plugged directly into a phantom blocking transformer for an extra layer of protection. Mogaine is also available in a 2 channel version – Mogaines – for stereo pair applications.

Hear it all. Get a Crimson Mogaine Pre Amp