Line Isolators

If you’ve been around audio equipment for any length of time, you probably all ready know the advantages of balanced lines. But did you know that the outputs of many mixers and crossovers are not balanced, even though they may look like it because of an XLR or Tip – Ring – Sleeve connector? And if you are driving multiple amps from a single source, all the inputs of those amps are effectively connected together, creating an open invitation to ground loops.

Nothing balances and isolates a signal like a transformer, and Crimson makes a couple of standard models specifically designed for line output applications. The Crimson 4000A Line Isolator and it’s little brother, the 4000B, are both precision wound using a bifilar winding technique for high common mode rejection. They use nickel steel core material for the lowest distortion and highest fidelity at line levels. And the tough steel case has two mounting points so they stay where you put them, despite the rigors of the road.

So whether you’ve got a long run of cable you want as quiet as possible, or multiple amplifiers you want to isolate from each other, Crimson Line Isolators can give you that bullet proof confidence.

Do it right. Get a Crimson Line Isolator