Crimson Microphones

4 years ago we developed and released “mod” handles for the Shure® SM57® mic. They contain different transformer configurations from the original mic which “push” the response in a particular direction. Then we developed 2 more mods using active electronics to influence the response of the cartridge itself. If you are so inclined, you can buy the White, Orange, Yellow or and mod your own mic.

But we live in a plug and play world, and a lot of people would rather not take apart a perfectly good microphone. So we added a genuine Shure® R57 replacement cartridge to our mod handles and voila, the Crimson Waco, Ojai, Yuma and Butte microphones are now available.

Each mic is fully assembled and ready to go out of the box. All the components are either Crimson or genuine Shure® parts, and they are built in scenic Cape Girardeau, Mo, USA. They have a 1 year warranty covering parts and labor, and they are only available directly from Crimson.
“Shure” and “SM57” are registered trademarks of the Shure Corp All rights reserved.
“Yuma” and “Ojai” – $135us “Waco” and “Butte” – $145us