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The Mod Squad - Tuned Handles for the SM57/58

 The Shure® SM-57 and 58 have to be two of the most iconic microphones ever made. Though they are relatively inexpensive,  even when money is no object, they are consistently the microphone of choice in many applications.  And yet, there are those who feel the need to modify them.  This usually involves removing the stock transformer by baking, boiling or some other form of medieval coercion, and then replacing the transformer and repacking the handle.  If you are one who is so moved, check this out...
   Our and are premium quality "tuned" transformers already mounted in a mic handle.  We use two different design styles to produce 2 different sounds. The is a double "E" design similar to the original (which is a pretty good transformer to begin with) but about 40% larger, with a very intricate pattern of winding interleaving.  This produces a bigger bottom and more open upper mids - a particularly good choice for the SM-58.  The is a twin coil, humbucker with multi-filar windings and ten sections of interleaving.  It delivers a more pronounced mid and upper mid response without being harsh.  It really brings the material forward in a mix. The is transformer-less, or complete and total heresy as we would call it. Instead of the transformer, a phantom powered electronics package replaces the gain that left with the transformer. With it's wide, flat response this is a great choice for 57 drum applications, and it's pretty sweet with a 58.  All three versions have engraved handles and colored XLR inserts to make it easy to distinguish between your modded and stock mics. Any of the three will give your next project a little extra flavor.

If you can solder at all (or know someone who can), installation is a breeze. 1) Unscrew the handle on your mic. 2) Mark or note the color/terminal connections - the new lead colors are the same.
3) Clip or unsolder the original. 4) Attach and solder the new lead wires. 5) Screw on the mic handle. 6) Hit record.  Not sure you can get through the mod, or you'd like to keep your trusty 57/58 a trusty 57/58?  No problem. Our exclusive mod distributor, Front End Audio, can set you up with a new cartridge to go with your new handle, and even arrange installation. 
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