Crimson Audio Transformers

Finished Mic Splitters


If you want a cool mic splitter with great transformers, but don’t have the time or desire to build it yourself, then look no further.

The Crimson Mic Splitter has 8 channels split 2 ways. It’s all housed in a rugged 14 gauge steel, 2 space rack enclosure. Inside, premium CT-1000a transformers along with Neutrik XLR connectors complete this pro grade package. 
The front panel features the input for each channel, along with a ground lift switch to make or break the ground connection (pin #1) of each isolated output.

The rear panel connectors provide a direct output to the main mixer, which allows phantom power to be applied to the mic. The isolated outputs provides signal to the auxiliary mixer, recorder etc. A separate chassis ground lug is also included.

So put your tools down and pick up whatever it is that makes you happy. Get a Crimson Mic Splitter (or two) and get back to doing what you really like.

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